IDKHOW Photo 1

Dallon Weekes, the vocalist and bassist of pop rock band I Don't Know How But They Found Me performs at the Bourbon Theatre on Friday, June 21, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Hours before a buzzing crowd filled the Bourbon Theater Friday night, fans lined up under the blazing sun, waiting to see new wave pop rock band, I Don't Know How But They Found Me, on its headlining tour with indie rockers Twin XL.

iDKHOW is a Utah-based duo comprised of bassist and lead vocalist Dallon Weekes and drummer Ryan Seaman. The two separately worked with bands Panic! at the Disco and Falling in Reverse in the past and decided to join forces officially in 2017 to create a new music project that comments on the conceited side of fame and the music industry. Through songs on its 2018 EP, “1981 Extended Play,” iDKHOW highlights the idea that life revolves around money and fame.

As the pair appeared on stage following Twin XL, the room erupted with screams from the crowd as the anticipation for iDKHOW was finally over. Seaman sat behind his raised drum kit in a bright red sequin jacket while Weekes strapped on his bass over a light grey blazer. With both coats shed after the fourth song, the two sported a more casual look for the rest of the set.

Performing songs from its EP, which peaked at No.14 on the Billboard’s “Top Alternative Albums” chart along with a mix of different cover songs, the band showcased the music it created and gave its twist on songs it admired. Right before covering Beck’s “Debra,” A 38-year-old Weekes admitted he fell in love with the song when he was 17.

Overall, the members of iDKHOW proved themselves as an act worth paying money to see, as the pair offered the audience a more personal performance when compared to most touring acts. Weekes even jumped off the stage, parting the crowd like the Red Sea. As Weekes became one with the audience, he stood inches from his fans as he spoke to both sides of the crowd.

From a rotating disco ball during “Absinthe,” to Seaman’s color changing drum set, iDKHOW’s concert encompassed a vivid lighting display that accentuated the playful personalities of the pair. The set occasionally involved stereotypical audience interactions, like dividing the crowd into two parts and pitting the sides against each other to see which could scream louder. In between the cheesy banter, Seaman and Weekes interacted with the crowd in ways that major acts usually wouldn’t by answering back to members of the audience who shouted at them.

The concert concluded with the band’s most successful song, “Choke.” The single had the audience singing along and led concert-goers to immediately pull out their phones. The rock-inspired song heightened the enthusiastic atmosphere that engulfed the Bourbon throughout the entire set. With the beat of the song rippling through the crowd, iDKHOW entertained attendees with its constant waves of high energy. And throughout their entire performance, Weekes and Seaman proved that despite having talent and success, they still maintain a genuine connection with those who support them.