Scarlet on the outside and chic on the inside, the Husker Hut is a place for football fans to tailgate in style. 

The 7-by-12 mobile home became the brainchild of J-Tech Construction when the company was named the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's official construction company on July 1.  

Julie Parker, the marketing director for J-Tech, helped contrive the idea to give the Husker Hut away to a lucky fan after the last home football game of the season. Parker said the $8,000 hut is a way to show appreciation for Nebraska fans and UNL. 

"We decided to do something that could show off all of our products but also give something fun and Husker-related back to the community," Parker said. "We wanted to do something that people could come hang out with us for a second and take a look at our products and then also have a chance to win something really cool."

The entire exterior is made of J-Tech products, including seamless siding, triple panel windows and solar panels on the roof to power the hut. It is equipped with a pull-down window, similar to a food truck.  

With a TV mounted on the wall for inside entertainment, the Husker Hut could be used for serving drinks and food out of it during tailgate. 

"You can turn it into a little mini-bar, and it opens up and you can sit inside of it and outside of it," Parker said.

The inside was designed by Interiors Joan and Associates, who decorated it with a marble countertop, custom wallpaper and the classic Husker colors of scarlet and cream.

Lindi Janulewicz, marketing director and owner of Interiors Joan and Associates helped with the decision making process of the interior decor. She said the hut’s ornamentation was inspired by fan experiences with Saturday football. 

"We wanted something for the fans to enjoy, so we started to brainstorm and thought how people watch the game and decided we wanted something for outside use and inside," she said. 

According to both Parker and Janulewicz, the pull-down window which can turn into a countertop is the best feature for both outside and inside use because it can be used as a table for company during tailgates. Interiors Joan and Associates tried to utilize every inch of the 7-by-12 room and make it an equally livable and entertaining space. 

Husker fans can enter to win by filling out an electronic survey at each of the home games. The winner of the hut will be announced on social media following the last home game. No matter who walks away with the Hut, one fortunate fan will be able to ditch portable picnic tables and tents and bring their tailgate to the next level.

"It's not the traditional man cave — we injected some creative elements naturally with Husker colors and that type of flavor," Janulewicz said.