Sami Lyons

Sami Lyons wears her winter game day outfit outside Memorial Stadium on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

With the temperature dropping and the autumn colors coming into effect, it truly feels like football season. When you’re a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you can’t go anywhere around campus without hearing or seeing something about Husker football.

Although this might not be the best season the Huskers have had thus far, it is still important to go out and show our support for the scarlet and cream team. But with cooler temperatures, it can be a challenge to find an outfit to wear to a game that is both cute and warm.

Here are some ways to keep wearing tank tops, skirts and crop tops as Husker gear, even if it is chilly outside.

1) Put a long sleeve turtleneck under your T-shirts.

One of the worst circumstances is when you have a cute T-shirt but it’s too cold to wear it, and you don’t want to cover it with a jacket. An easy solution is to wear a long-sleeved turtleneck under your shirt so you can rep the Huskers and stay warm at the same time. Turtlenecks are coming back in style, as we saw during New York Fashion Week just a couple of weeks ago. Wearing one on game day will make you look chic and on-trend.

2) Wear spirited outerwear.

Items like gloves, hats and scarves are easy ways to add warmth to your outfit, but getting them in Husker colors also makes your outfit more spirited. This tip is a good excuse to shop and add more Husker gear to your closet. You can find some of these accessories at the Nebraska Bookstore in the union, the Nebraska Athletics Store or at various department stores in Lincoln like JCPenney, Kohl’s and Target.

3) Add a minimal layer.

I understand you might not want to cover up your cute, red Nebraska T-shirt, but sometimes adding a layer is a good solution. This layer doesn’t have to be bulky, and it definitely doesn’t have to take over your whole outfit. Layers like a red flannel or a sleeveless vest are good ways to stay warm while keeping your outfit stylish for game day.

4) Don’t stress about wearing logos.

While most of my Husker gear has the Nebraska block ‘N’ on it, your outfit doesn’t necessarily need it to show who you are rooting for. You can wear jeans with a red sweater, red jeans with a white turtleneck or even a red and white dress, and people will still know you’re a Husker fan. This can make keeping warm and getting ready easier because you don’t have to explicitly wear articles with the words “Nebraska” or “Huskers” on them — you can just use clothes you already have.

Game days are some of my favorite college experiences at UNL, but standing in the cold is not fun, even if you are rooting for the Huskers. With these tips, you can bring some warmth and style into your gameday outfits. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and spirit for warmth and function, so why not have both?