Brittany Hampton

From modeling at the age of five to becoming the first global ambassador for the brand “Diane Von Furstenberg,” Brittany Hampton has had quite the fashion career. 

Tuesday, Oct. 6 at noon, Hampton, winner of the E! Network reality TV show “House of DVF,” will guest star on an episode of The Lied Center for Performing Arts’ livestreamed video podcast Lunch & Learn. The podcast will premiere on the Lied Center’s Facebook page. In the episode, Hampton will talk about her career, answer viewers’ questions and address how she uses her life experiences to help her craft her looks.

The host of the podcast and senior finance and interdisciplinary studies major Ryan Savage said that being able to interview such prominent figures in the art field such as Hampton has been a huge pleasure, and he is grateful to talk to so many wonderful people. Savage also said he is eager for people to hear Hampton’s story and how she creates her designs.

“I’m super excited for everyone to get to meet her and to kind of get a little bit of an insight into how fashion is an art form and how that relates to the arts and the performing arts, and I’m really excited for her to tie all that together,” Savage said.

Communications manager for the Lied Center Lauren Silverman Durban said a podcast is much more effective than a regular interview because the hosts and guests are able to dive into deeper discussions. 

“You get to really have a discussion, which lends itself really well to going deeper behind these art forms, having a little more time to have a discussion with a fashion designer or have a discussion with composers and pick their brain about why they work the way they work, why they love the things that they do,” Silverman Durban said.

Silverman Durban said she hopes anyone watching the series learns more about either the guests or their specific art field. 

“I hope [Lunch & Learn] inspires curiosity and that people take some new information away, but also that they are inspired to learn something more about maybe something they’ve never really thought about before,” Silverman Durban said. 

Additionally, Savage said he thinks this series is important because it has helped expand the Lied Center’s mission of educating the community about the arts. He also believes the program has allowed the Lied to give more educational experiences for their audience than they have before. 

“I think that, from what we’ve heard from our audiences, they really enjoyed getting a little bit of a different experience from the Lied Center,” Savage said. “With the Lied, it’s usually you go watch a show and then sometimes they come to our engagement where you can meet with the artist one-on-one, but with Lunch & Learn specifically we’ve been able to offer those experiences of one-on-one engagement between the artist and public a lot more frequently.”