Audrey Hertel

Audrey Hertel creates a makeup look that is game day ready.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, everyone knows Saturday is game day. People stream in from all parts of the state to watch the Huskers play at Memorial Stadium. And even though this season has had a couple losses, this makeup look is truly a win.

The first thing to do before starting this look is apply primer. It helps even out the surface of skin and allows the foundation to stick to it. I used Too Faced Hangover Primer.

When doing this look, start with your eyebrows and eye makeup. For this specific look, I applied Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade with a thin application brush. Once you do your eyebrows with a Pomade, or another eyebrow product like a pencil or definer, you can clean them up with concealer. I used Tarte Shape Tape contour concealer to give my eyebrows a more defined shape. I would recommend using the excess concealer on the brush and applying it on the eyelid to give the eyeshadow a good base to stick to.  

Once your eyebrows are shaped the way you want them, grab your trusty scotch tape and tear off two pieces from the roll. Line one piece up with your eyebrow, and lower it to tuck it under your eye — making a diagonal line stem from the corner of your eye. I know this sounds crazy, but it is an easy makeup trick to make sure your eyeshadow forms a straight line, almost like a wing. Once the tape is on, apply a light-toned color to the base of your eyelid. I used the Coconut Cream shade from the Too-faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallete. Then apply darker shades to the outer corner of your eyes and blend them out into the crease as much as you can. I started with the shade Mousse and then used Puddin’ to darken the corners even more. You can make your eyelids even lighter for the pigment. I did so by using Aura from Limecrime’s Venus Palette.

I then proceeded to use the NYX glitter Pigment for my eyelids. There will be fallout under your eyes with glitter, so try to keep makeup wipes near you. Make sure you really pack the glitter onto your eyelid.

Now it’s time to peel off the tape, which should form a straight diagonal line. Once the tape is off, grab a damp beauty blender or buffing brush and apply your foundation. Make sure to blend it on all parts of your face, but be careful of your eye makeup and eyebrows. I used Too Faced Born This Way foundation for this particular look. After the foundation is blended, use concealer under your eyes, your forehead and bridge of your nose.

Use your beauty blender or brush to blend the concealer out. You can now apply bronzer or a contour color under your cheekbones for facial depth. My favorite products to contour with are Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer or Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette. After blending the contour, load a sponge or beauty blender with setting powder and apply it under the contour line, under your eyes and on your forehead. Let it sit for about five to 10 minutes.

Once the time has passed, use a brush to wipe away the excess powder. You can top off the rest of your look with mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes to make your eyes pop. Then use some more highlighter on the tip of your cheekbones. I used Jeffree Star’s Liquid Frost Highlighter in the color Frostbite. If you want to add even more dazzle to your look, you can use some excess glitter pigment and apply it over the highlighter.

Once you are pleased with how frosty your cheekbones are, finish off the look with red lipstick. I recommend wearing a matte lipstick like Anastasia Beverly Hill’s liquid lipstick in the shade American Doll. Using a matte lipstick allows for the color to stay on longer and doesn’t bleed onto the rest of your face. Use setting spray to finish your look and make it long-lasting so you won’t have to miss part of the game to re-apply anything. All that’s left to do is cheer on the Huskers with the hopes that they win just like your makeup look does.