game day fashion

Samantha Lyons sports her best game day outfit in front of Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Sept. 10, 2018

When I first came to Nebraska from Kansas City, I’d never heard so many people talk about football to such an extent and with such excitement. It’s not until you go to your first Husker football game that you realize there really is no place like Nebraska — more specifically, there is no place like Memorial Stadium on game day in Nebraska.

While most people get excited for the games, especially now with Scott Frost as head coach, I look forward to and think about what I will wear that week. I may be crazy, but I just want to look cute while I cheer on the Huskers –– is that too much to ask?

Game day fashion for girls in the past has been pretty predictable: you just had to wear red to fit in and still be spirited. We still see the classic red Nebraska shirt, the black “Husker Power” shirt and let’s not forget about the notorious red-and-white striped overalls.

But I realized that game day fashion has taken a turn this past year. It’s not that we aren’t seeing these old trends, but new ones have come into play, and it seems like everyone got the memo.

This year, we are seeing more people wear just black with some sort of white and shiny glitter as a play on Frost’s last name. Compare that to past seasons, when if you weren’t wearing red, you’d be shunned.

Okay, that might have been a little harsh, but people definitely would have given you some funny looks. After all, it is called the “Sea of Red” for a reason. But now, if you are wearing black with some sort of metallic or white glitter, people may see it as a nod to the “Frost effect.”

Cheer skirts have also been extremely popular this season. At first, I was hesitant to give in to the fad because I am not a cheerleader, so why would I dress up as one? But here I am wearing mine every game and getting an impressive number of compliments. We saw jean skirts everywhere last year, and even though they are still relevant and popular, cheer skirts are taking over when it comes to cute and spirited bottoms.

The next piece I have seen taking over game day fashion are tube tops. They are absolutely everywhere this football season, and I can guarantee almost every girl has one on standby when getting dressed for game days. They can be paired with virtually any sort of bottoms, and because of their versatility, they’re more popular this football season.

I’ve also noticed an absence of brands this season. It seems as though everyone went from wearing all Nebraska gear to now wearing solid colors and prints, like stripes or corn shapes, that allude to Nebraska football. This might seem like a big accusation, but if you look for it, you will see the difference. I think people are realizing that to have spirit, they don’t need to wear the Nebraska brand.

Husker game days are unlike any other. It’s when students, parents, alumni and the team come together to create an amazing atmosphere and community that can’t be described in words. Game day fashion is something many girls look forward to and think about in advance. Who said football and fashion can’t go hand in hand?