Being a full-time college student while also working can become overbearing, especially when it comes to free time. As a former bookworm, I find it difficult to enjoy the books I relished in high school with the small amount of free time I have. That’s when Webtoon entered my life, a free comic site that allows users to read published works in a traditional comic strip format with modern day storytelling. Webtoon adds animation and changing illustrations in some of their featured works to make readers second guess what they saw. 

After reading many of these myself, I’ve compiled a diverse list of some of my favorites that I recommend to other college students for some light-hearted reading on the go. 

“Lore Olympus” 

Lore Olympus” is a modernized retelling of the Greek myth “The Rape of Persephone.” The story focuses mostly on Persephone’s point of view, sometimes switching to Hades’ perspective, and details how she is dealing with living on her own for the first time in the world of gods and goddesses. 

The art style is non-traditional and bright colors are used to emphasize each character's unique sets of style. Background colors are used to set the tones of scenes while giving it an ethereal feel. 

This is an all-time favorite of mine because it has all aspects of a great story while delving into the hardships of becoming an adult — such as struggling to make friends, balancing a job and going to school — all while weaving these concepts into a fantastical world of Greek gods and goddesses. 

“Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell”

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell” focuses on a teenage boy named Paul. One day he summons Astaroth, the Great Duke of Hell, to ask for relationship advice, which is completely out of the Duke's comfort zone and way below his skill set. 

The comedic breaks of this Webtoon are heightened by the art style and subdued colors emphasize the humor. The classic animation-like illustrations are clean cut which focuses the reader's attention to the story.

“Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell” is a hilarious read that one can comfortably follow and enjoy the humorous curve balls that are thrown at them. This story is for the college students looking to pass some free time in between classes while not dedicating time to an intense story. 

“The Wrath & the Dawn” 

The Wrath & the Dawn'' follows Shahrzad, who volunteers herself to be betrothed to the Caliph named Khalid. Every night Khalid takes on a new bride and has them executed by dawn. However, Shahrzad has a plan to end the terror of Kahlid by killing him before he can get to her.

The semi-realistic art adds to the drama that the story portrays and is easy on the eyes, which makes for a fantastical read by incorporating a famous tale into an empowering story. The art is also very detailed, and the attention to fashion is an added bonus.

This adaptation of “The Wrath & the Dawn” by Renée Ahdieh will be sure to have readers on the edge of their seat while admiring the realistic fashion of the time period.


Acception” tells the story of Arcus and the struggle of being different in high school. Arcus is looking for friends, love and acceptance. After moving to a new school, he struggles to fit in with the less-than-accepting students. Through determination, he meets an unlikely friend named Maud who makes school all the more bearable.

The upbeat art style fits with Arcus’s personal fashion and character design by including the vibrant colors he wears to set the tone of the scenes. The short episodes are delightful and are recommended for someone looking for another easy story to follow without wanting to commit to a novel.

“Acception” is a story for all the misfits who never quite fit in. This Webtoon is surely going to make you empathize with certain characters and hate others with a burning passion. 

Whether you choose to take a gander at these Webtoons mentioned or prefer to explore the site on your own, Webtoon won’t disappoint.