Fun Activities

One thing has become very apparent since social distancing measures were put in place — people need each other. It’s a time of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, yet we can’t be with the people who bring us the most love and happiness. While this is a challenging time for everyone, there are still ways we can be together. Here are five creative ways to stay connected with friends and family while social distancing. 

Front Yard Drive-In Movies

To recreate the environment of an old-school drive-in movie, all you need is a projector, a bedsheet, a speaker and a few friends or family members to join in on the fun, sitting in the trunks of their cars.

The set up is easy; attach a bed sheet to a large surface area in a place with convenient access for multiple cars, then connect a projector and speaker to a DVD player or computer. Bring your favorite snacks, drinks and blankets, and enjoy a chill night with friends and family.

To ensure your safety, keep a 6-foot distance between cars and groups of people, ensure everyone wears a face mask and keep the gathering under 10 people. 

Zoom Game Nights

Zoom doesn’t have to be used for boring classes or meetings —  the video chat software can also host fun social gatherings while everyone stays safe in their homes. 

While there are many options for online games to play in isolation, there are also ways to keep some of the activities offline. Board games provide the opportunity to play with friends. Pick a game that everyone has so you can play together on Zoom, and keep track of the other player’s pieces as well as yours. Another way to keep some of the experience offline is by playing games that don’t require a device, like Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare. By playing physical games on FaceTime or Zoom, the experience of being with your loved ones can feel more genuine. 

Family Picnics

If you live in a state with open parks, picnics are an easy way to get together in an area conducive to keeping your distance. You can even choose to get take-out and support a local restaurant. 

Surprise Care Packages

Sending a care package is an easy way to let others know you’re thinking about them. Get creative and decorate them or make packages with themes, like specific colors or holidays. You can send the packages to out-of-state friends or family members you aren’t able to see right now. Make sure to sanitize the items before packaging them. 

Pen Pals

If a care package is out of your price range, a letter can surprise friends and family members. All you need is paper, a pen, an envelope and some stamps to bring light to someone’s life in a dark time. A simple letter can mean so much more than a text, as it requires more effort and creates a very personal connection. You can even send letters back and forth and be pen pals for the duration of quarantine.