During the month of February, most people think of Valentine's Day and all the festivities that come with it. But to me, a fashion enthusiast, February means New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks are upon us and the newest trends, styles and patterns are finally hitting the public.

Not only do we see these new trends on the runway, but we also see a new wave of street-style fashion. You might think the most important aspect of fashion week is the clothes worn, but the clothes that influencers, models and celebrities wear as they flock to the runway shows are just as significant.

Street-style trends are even more relevant to college students because we often find ourselves in more casual and trendy clothes rather than high-fashion looks on our way to our 8 a.m. classes. Here are some of the most talked about street-style trends we’ve seen so far at New York Fashion Week.


Turtlenecks have proven to be one of this winter’s most popular trends, and I cannot complain. This is a youthful and easy way to add warmth to your outfit without adding tons of layers and bulkiness. We saw a variety of turtlenecks with different fabrics, animal print patterns and thicknesses, which makes it easy to stay on-trend while also having a one-of-a-kind outfit. A turtleneck is a great top for any outfit, especially if you want to stay warm and fashionable.

Monochromatic outfits

We saw many outfits that followed a strict monochromatic color scheme, especially neutrals like creams, browns and grays. Having a matching outfit, such as a gray sweater and gray trousers, makes you look put-together and confident and leaves room for you to experiment with colorful accessories. For example, brighten up a one-color outfit with a neon clutch or animal-print shoes — it will balance out the outfit and make the perfect chic look.


Vogue forecasted fur to be one of the biggest must-haves in the winter, and the prediction came true. Everything from fur coats to fur purses trended this season, and we’ve seen that in the streets throughout the duration of New York Fashion Week. If you add a fur jacket to your look, it won’t be primarily used as a functional item, but rather as a statement piece. Even though fashion is one of my important principles in life, staying warm is more important. By adding some fur to an outfit, you can tackle both.


Beanies seemed to be on the heads of everyone who attended the runway shows this week. They might have worn them to keep warm, but they also might have worn them to add the perfect accessory to their outfit. Hats can make or break your outfit, and beanies are a total lifesaver this winter, especially when you want to step up your fashion game with minimal effort. Add a beanie to your next outfit to look put-together and ready for the day.