Trends of the 2010s Art

With every new decade comes new fashion trends and fads. Statement pieces from previous decades have defined fashion forever. There were the glamorous 1920 flappers who bobbed their hair while adorned in glittery dresses, the flower children who defined the 1960s and the oversized shoulder pads that made their debut in the working-woman’s decade that was the ‘80s.

When it comes to everyday clothing, the 2010s re-imagined countless trends from the past five decades. Hold on to those dad jeans, distressed band T-shirts and white sneakers because old pieces eventually become trendy again. Here is a look back on what shaped the fashion of hip humans in each year of the past decade.

(2010) Hair feathers

One of the greatest gifts 2010 gave the world were hair feathers. Just like a feather from a bird — thin, soft to the touch, textured and colorful — hair feathers made it easy to give any type of hair personality. Hair feathers found their way into the braids and waves of young women looking to add a little flair to their hair. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff embraced this fashion trend on the red carpet, making them a signifier of those currently standing in the limelight. Even though feathers were a hot commodity, they died out fast and have failed to return in latter hair accessory crazes.

(2011) Skull-print scarves

The newest trend in 2011 was an unlikely hero — the skull scarf. British fashion designer Alexander McQueen created the skull scarf, debuting as a black and white neck scarf patterned with mini skulls and crossbones. It became one of the best-selling and well-known accessories of its time.

(2012) Fur vests

Soft feathers were the trend for hair in 2010, but the public needed to match that au naturel aspect to their clothing in 2012. Fur vests were perhaps the most-loved option, as seen worn in various photos by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Fur vests became the peak of fall fashion in 2012. 

(2013) Skater dresses and white sneakers

Converse and Adidas ‘90s sneakers made a comeback in 2013. Paired with a skater dress, this classic look was a memorable fashion trend of the year. Taylor Swift’s never-ending wardrobe of skater skirts helped boost this silhouette to popularity.

 (2014) Crop Tops

The ‘90s-inspired crop top came back to rule 2014 and has maintained a presence today. These can be paired with other vintage fashion pieces like baggy pants and grungy leather jackets. Crop tops dominated in the spring of 2014, and they haven’t stopped trending since. 

(2015) Button-front skirts

Denim skirts have been an important piece of wardrobes since the ‘70s. However, they were revamped in 2015, returning to the mainstream to line a generation of waists with copper buttons. 

(2016) Athleisure wear

Celebrities like Rihanna kept athleisure wear alive with the tracksuit back in 2016. People left their houses in leggings in an attempt to be comfortable yet stylish. Brands that were best known for soccer cleats and basketball shoes were changing, making this the year athleisure wear became high fashion. 

(2017) Tiny sunglasses

After becoming popularized by Bella Hadid, tiny sunglasses became trendy among high schoolers and college students. They’re typically easy to pair with any type of clothing due to the variety of colors they are available in. Although people wear them as actual sunglasses, they aren’t very useful in blocking out the sun. 

(2018) Chunky sneakers

The double-sole sneakers from luxury brands like Balenciaga, Fila and Nike have taken the fashion runways by storm; people either love them or hate them. Model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Dakota Fanning both stepped out in Fila’s in a casual street style — causing an echo of young women to reproduce their looks. 

(2019) Animal-print skirts

Fashionistas rounded out the decade with a circle back to animal-inspired trends. In 2019, animal-print skirts became a popular piece and were often paired with graphic T-shirts. Since this animal print is neutral and ever-so-edgy, it’s easy to pair with anything.

The 2010s featured some of the most incredible and sometimes cringe-worthy fashion trends and fads in recent history. Moving into 2020 and the start of a new decade brings on the challenge to upstage previous trends and fads with something new. The fashionistas of the new decade are surely up to the task.