Dude Perfect

A member of Dude Perfect performs at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On Oct. 28, an abundance of families filled the streets outside Pinnacle Bank Arena, shivering as they anxiously waited in a colossal line to see Dude Perfect perform. 

Dude Perfect, a group specializing in trick shots and comedy, made an appearance in downtown Lincoln Thursday night. These five men along with their panda mascot created a show full of family-friendly fun consisting of exhilarating competitions, humorous comedy bits and even an inspiring, serious talk about their faith at the end. 

Lights went down and a countdown began. Large, green light-up sticks could be seen around the entirety of the arena. Children and parents erupted in thunderous cheers as the time on the big screen ran out, signalling the start of the performance. Each member of the team was announced before making their way on stage, much like calling the starting five for a basketball game. Twins Cory and Coby Cotton, along with Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney, ran out from backstage one by one, waving to the crowd and getting them excited for the night ahead. 

They wasted no time turning up the lights and getting right into the good stuff with a challenge. The five men competed against one another by striving to be the first to complete the course. First, they each had to make a basketball shot, then they could get on their Mobo trikes and do a lap around a semi-circle path created by a portion of the stage. Lastly, they threw footballs at targets designated with their names. This first act electrified the crowd, warming them up for the other bits that were in store. 

The next event was called “Cool Not Cool.” Each of the men presented an item, sometimes in extravagant, hilarious ways that resulted in roarous laughter from the crowd. One item that really caused a scene was Jones’ “Toilet Buddy 3000,” which made more of a mess in the toilet than it actually cleaned up. The kids in the arena loved this bit. The audience got to participate in voting whether the item was cool or not by scanning a QR code on the big screen.

One of the most popular games they played throughout the night was called “Wheel Unfortunate.” This well-known segment that appears on Dude Perfect’s YouTube channel even got the parents of middle schoolers yelling in delight. Two young boys were brought up on the stage to participate in this challenge. They each took a turn spinning the wheel. To one boy’s horror, he spun “cheese whizzed.” However, Toney gave him the option to eat a cooked cricket instead, which he ended up choosing. His face showed pure anguish as he bit into the crunchy creature. The other boy’s luck was not much better. He spun “bob for apples in Dude Perfect beans,” and didn’t hesitate to stuff his face into the bowl of beans. It didn’t take long for him to come back up holding the apple in his mouth victoriously while the beans ran down his face.

During this Nebraska stop on their tour, the Texas-based group was introduced to Runza in a segment called “Top 10,” where one of the guys ranks their top 10 for whatever category is chosen on a massive board. The category chosen was fast food restaurants, and Toney was in control of the Top 10 list. He immediately ruled out Chick-fil-A by crowning the restaurant since it could not be beat in his eyes. After Toney finished putting up his fifth favorite fast food restaurant, the entire arena began shouting out “Runza.” This took the crew by surprise and they had so many questions because they had never heard of the restaurant before. With each new restaurant that was put up, the chants for Runza only got louder. Finally, Toney decided to put an imaginary Runza paper at the top of his list which made their Nebraska fans elated.

Throughout the rest of the night, Dude Perfect played several more games and did a few more comedy bits as well, each keeping show-goers on their toes and enjoying themselves the whole time. In the final battle, Coby Cotton was named the ultimate winner and received a large, gold trophy. 

At the end of the night, the group got more serious and invited audience members to stay a few extra minutes if they’d like to hear about their faith. Tobey went on to tell the crowd that each of the men in the group were Christians, and although they love doing the fun and silly bits, those only bring people temporary joy. Therefore, they also wanted to use their platform to tell people about the eternal joy that they have found and what they believe others can find through Jesus Christ. 

“God put it on my heart that if we were going to come out here as Dude Perfect and share a very temporary form of entertainment with 60 million people on our YouTube channel and all of you guys on live tour, then we also needed to come out here and share the eternal hope and joy that we’ve found in Jesus as well,” Tobey said.