Jonas Brothers

On Feb. 28, Disney-groomed pop trio the Jonas Brothers announced they were back, and their new single, “Sucker,” would debut the next day. The song is unquestionably a departure from the band’s earlier sound, but it’s the first time in six years that all three Jonas Brothers — Joe, Kevin and Nick — appear on the same song.

The Daily Nebraskan staff, filled with young adults who grew up watching Disney Channel after school, wanted to share its takes on the JoBros’ return. Read their thoughts and watch the music video below.

David Berman, Culture reporter:

I’m a “Sucker” for childhood nostalgia, so this new JoBros single hit me directly in the feels. It took me back to a simpler time when I could just come home from a long day of learning about addition, spelling and handwriting, kick off my light-up sneakers and unwind while hours of sweet Disney-funded content made me smile. Sure, this song may not be the greatest leap in creativity, but for their first release in years, it’s way better than it could have been. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope for an announcement of “Camp Rock 3: The Final, Final Jam.”

Sam Crisler, co-senior Culture editor:

“Sucker” is fine. I probably won’t listen to it ever again after writing this. But it’s fine. It’s certainly no “Year 3000” or “S.O.S” — tracks I and many others in my generation remember fondly from watching Disney Channel during summer afternoons. But it’s not really trying to be those songs. This is a pretty logical progression for a band that was always backed by major marketing machines and still is: try to appeal to as many people as possible. “Sucker” is a harmless dance-pop track that will bring the Jonas Brothers back to mainstream relevance in the short run. But I’m not sure there’s going to be much longevity for this reunion if all that the band releases are middle-of-the-road pop songs built for the Top 40. Also, did no one in the JoBros camp note “Sucker’s” obvious similarity to Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still”? I guess, who cares, right? It’s a new Jonas Brothers song after six years, so former Disney Channel watchers will check it out anyway.

Sydney Ozuna, Opinion editor:

As someone who has and forever will be emphatically anti-Disney Channel, I can without pause say that my love for the Jonas Brothers’ new single,”Sucker” is based zero percent on nostalgia and 100 percent on the fact that the song is an undeniable bop. Far from the try-hard, faux-alternative, forgettable-if-not-for-Disney songs that defined the group’s early years, like the terribly forced “When You Look Me In the Eyes” or the insufferable “Year 3000,” “Sucker” is unabashedly poppy, and it’s glorious. The song isn’t trying to be anything it isn’t; there are no angsty vocals or overwrought declarations of love. It’s just a simple, easy-to-digest three minutes of danceable bubblegum pop. While it doesn’t necessarily dazzle, especially not on first listen, the song gets in your brain and doesn’t let go. If you’re looking for something life-changing or to remind you of the old — and frankly worse — days of the Jonas Brothers, this song might not be what you’re looking for. But if you want an unpretentious, non-threatening glimpse of a group that has thankfully outgrown their Disney game, look no further.

Ben Buchnat, Engagement editor:

“Sucker” is, eh, a fairly innocuous but ultimately pretty bland and forgettable single. It lacks a lot of the energy of earlier Jonas Brothers singles. The bassline is fine but would feel more at home on a car commercial soundtrack than a smash pop single The vocals are decent, but it lacks an “it” factor that made some of the band’s earlier music resonate with so many younger listeners. Nick and Joe Jonas have a ton of charisma as performers, and it’s unfortunate that none of it really shows up on “Sucker.” Honestly, it’s pretty easy to imagine any other dance-pop band doing the same track; the only reason this will be a hit is because it’s the first Jonas Brothers song in a long time. It’s not a bad song, but it’s clearly not a memorable one. Hopefully their reunion churns out more interesting material than this, or else it’s going to be a pretty bland time.