Culture Staff

In less than two weeks, University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s students will be stripped away from the warmth and nourishment of the Mexican fast-food joint Amigos, which is currently nestled just blocks away from the Nebraska Union on 14th and Q streets. After 37 years of business, the long-loved restaurant will permanently close its doors on Dec. 13, and the building will be up for sale. However, when one door closes, another door opens. With one restaurant boarding up, we can only ponder amongst ourselves as to which new eatery will take its place.

Who do you want to replace Amigos?

David Berman, Culture reporter

As an out-of-state student, only recently was I introduced to the rare wonders that are contained within Runza. While I’m not obsessed to the level that many Nebraskans are with the Eastern European meat pocket, Runza is quite delicious and diverse, with it’s equally delectable Runza ranch and onion rings as scrumptious sides. And, with the restaurant leaving the Union last year, there’s a Runza-sized hole on campus. Nebraska isn’t Nebraska without Runza, so #RollRunza. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Zack List, Culture reporter

Taco Bell would be a great addition to downtown Lincoln. There have been multiple times where I’ve been at my dorm or hanging out with friends on campus late at night and had the strongest craving for a chalupa from Taco Bell. On most occasions, I haven’t been able to satisfy that craving as there are no Taco Bells in walking distance. There doesn’t seem to be many cost-effective restaurants that run super late at night on UNL’s City Campus, so a Taco Bell would be perfect for the numerous famished night owls that are craving cheap mexican food and Baja Blast. It will capture the same spirit of Amigos only with a larger commercialized name on it that ought to draw in crowds that will be lining out the door.

Hunter Arias, assistant Culture editor

Preplanned promotional hype is in vogue these days with the whole chicken sandwich ordeal, so it would only make logical sense that Amigos should replace their old Amigos with a brand new Amigos. The executives should completely overhaul the building and hold a grand unveiling, keeping the entire public in the dark as to spark controversy and feather-rustling. And boy, do we love our feather-rustling around here. It keeps us sane. 

Libby Schilz, Culture reporter

I think another fast food chain should obviously go there for the convenience of the students, but I’m honestly really bummed about Amigos closing. It’s one of my top places to go when I’m in a hurry. A restaurant that supports people with celiac disease, like me, and gives gluten free options would be really nice, too. But if I had to choose, I would honestly say that an A&W would be nice to have.  

Mark Champion, senior Culture editor

I’ve always thought it was a bit strange that this place only exists in the middle of UNL’s campus, so I’m going to say they should replace Amigos with one of those Selleck buffet-style restaurants. I’m completely obsessed with that place, and I can’t find another one anywhere else. Never before have I been to an all-you-can-eat buffet like Selleck where all you have to do is show a picture of yourself to get in. Honestly, I’m surprised Sellecks aren’t a national chain by now. That place is incredible.