Disney Plus

It seems television lovers are caught in the midst of a streaming revolution. There’s a streaming service for pretty much any movie or TV series in existence; whether it’s “Stranger Things” on Netflix or “Game of Thrones” on HBO Now, the internet has become a television connoisseur's dream. Even Apple has joined the bandwagon with the introduction of its own streaming service, AppleTV+, which dropped on Nov. 1 and contains a variety of original content.

Disney+, another contender, is Disney’s own, all-encompassing streaming platform. Fans have been waiting for the platform’s unveiling since it was announced in November 2018. The wait is almost over, however, as Disney+ is set to be released on Nov. 12. Disney owns some of the most popular and highest-grossing franchises of all time, such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. Needless to say, this platform spurs excitement with just the name alone.

Given the overwhelming buzz surrounding this new entertainment portal, it’s wise to completely understand what’s in store before pledging precious financial resources to the entertainment giant. 

For Disney+, the monthly cost is an inviting $6.99, and the service offers a free seven-day trial when you sign up. This is cheaper than some of the more popular streaming services, as Netflix runs between $8.99 and $15.99 depending on the plan and HBO Now goes for $14.99 a month. So what does that $6.99 a month get you?

This ad-free monthly subscription gives you access to a library that includes Disney titles dating all the way back to the classic “Snow White” from 1937. This includes Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, National Geographic and more. You’ll also have access to the latest Disney+ original content that will be added to the platform upon its release. This original content will include documentaries, shorts, TV shows and movies that ought to excite Disney fans of any ilk.

One Disney+ exclusive that has been advertised heavily is the Star Wars spin-off “The Mandalorian.” This series is similar to other Lucasfilm productions such as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016) and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (2018), as it tells a story that takes place in the Star Wars universe but exists outside the plot of any of the three trilogies. The Mandalorian takes place five years after the events of “Return of the Jedi,” and follows a bounty hunter on the outer reaches of the galaxy, far away from the control of the New Republic.

There will also be Disney+ originals with direct tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These shows include “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” “WandaVision,” “Loki” and “Hawkeye,” which follow the storylines of The Avengers following the events of “Endgame.” There will also be other Marvel shows that will cover heroes yet to be introduced, like “Ms. Marvel,” ''She-Hulk” and “Moon Knight.” The shows have varying release dates that will stretch from 2020 onward.

Disney superfans will be hard-pressed to find any Disney movie not included with the service, as the list of flicks stretches for miles.

Disney+ also has some features that attempt to distinguish the platform from its competition. It comes with 4K Ultra HD Content in Dolby Vision for many titles, which basically means the video quality is as good as it gets. To compare, you can only get this feature with Netflix’s premium plan, which costs $16 a month. The service also allows streaming from four devices simultaneously, which is fortunate for those who rely on their friends or family members to pay the monthly fee.

The vast sea of streaming services currently on the market can make it difficult to know which is worth your investment. But given Disney’s current position as the czar of entertainment content, Disney+ is likely to make a huge splash in the streaming sphere.