Fall has officially started and you know what that means? Fall fashion. While your first instinct  might be to mourn summer fashion with its denim boy shorts and Y2K-style crop tops, fall has even better fashion with sweater vests and long muted magenta skirts, so put away that tissue and wipe away your tears. 

Of course, it can be a little overwhelming at first to decide what exactly you should wear during the season that marks the gradual change from hot and sweaty summer to the frigid ice caps of winter. However, worry not, I did some extensive research and compiled a list of the most compelling fashion trends that include prairie-style long skirts, bold color choices and the reemergence of past fall trends. 

Saturated, vibrant hues 

Fall’s color palette is known for its muted burgundy or bland brown and black colors, but this fall, we want to look like a disco party in human form. I’m talking about kelly green, magenta and violet shades. This trend especially works if you wear all these colors in one outfit. 

For example, put on a kelly green turtleneck, layer a violet suit jacket over the top and add a pair of magenta long shorts or a magenta skirt. For shoes, white tennis shoes work wonders. If you’re feeling extra fashionable, finish this look off with yellow-tinted sunglasses

The colors on this outfit alone could keep you warm in the brisk fall breeze. 

Faux leather blazers

When you wear a faux leather blazer, you instantly become a lawyer in training who dabbles in selling gallery art on the weekends. You’re sophisticated, yet artsy and edgy. You know what your competitors want before they even know what they want. In your case — and my case — a competitor can be the person trying to out walk you to the Starbucks line at the Nebraska Union, or Jerry in your chemistry class who raised his hand to answer a question one millisecond before you raised your hand. If you’re wearing a faux leather blazer, Jerry will be the one asking you all the questions — like how are you so fashionable and where he can get one. 

In regards to color, a brown or black faux leather blazer is minimalistic and let the faux material do all the talking. It’s just the right amount of oomph to spice up any outfit. Also, make sure the jacket is faux, which is artificial leather. We don’t want any animals losing their skin this fall season. Plus, faux materials are so much easier to clean than real leather. 

Baggy skater, a.k.a. carpenter, jeans 

These are the Avril Lavigne off-duty pants of your dreams. Make sure they have a faux hammer loop on the side in case you want to do some construction work during the day. 

You can dress these jeans up with a pair of heels, or dress them down with some white Converse. For the top, wear either a cropped yellow-and-blue plaid long sleeve shirt, or a cropped white short sleeve shirt over a mesh mock neck top. Sling a skateboard over your shoulder and walk to the fountain by the union to hang with friends and fashionably carve up some concrete.

Grandpa-reading-a-book vests

If you frequent Goodwill, you know this vest well. There’s usually a handful hanging limply over in the male section of the store. One might have unraveling gaps in the knitted fabric, and another might have a couple stray cat hairs still clinging to it. They smell like mothballs and good library books. Ah yes, the knitted sweater vest. 

Sweater vests are very versatile. You can layer them over a short sleeve shirt for a warmer day or over a turtleneck on colder days. I recommend a plum or tan colored vest so you stand out from all the black sweater vests that you’ll see around campus.

If you want to go all in, pair the sweater vest with round glasses and baggy green velvet-cord trousers. You want people to be able to squint and see their long lost pappy bringing them a warm plate of cookies or a book about the best fishing spots in Alabama. 

Midi skirts with a short cowboy boot 

Why wear pants when you can wear a long skirt and boots? A skirt allows for quick and efficient bathroom use if you’re stuck in the forest with no toilets and all you have at your disposal is a bush. It’s also good for leg ventilation in a class where the professor turned the thermostat a little too high. 

However, a skirt only works in the fall if its length falls an inch or two above the ankle and you pair it with some short cowboy boots. A black-knit skirt would be cute with a short-white cowboy boot, or for more of a wacky look, you could pair a long, pleated green skirt with red cowboy boots

In this outfit, you won’t be able to contain yourself from doing a quick boot-scootin-boogie as you walk to class, or the bathroom. 

Whether you plan on carving pumpkins with old-person-style precision or entering a pumpkin spice latte chugging competition, these fall fashion trends should get you started on what to wear.