This year, Halloween is on a Sunday, so that means you have a whole weekend to dance to “Thriller” at parties and howl at the moon. Unfortunately, that also means that you need to either have multiple costume ideas or suffer through the same costume all weekend long. If you stick with one costume, it will undoubtedly gather sweat and become very uncomfortable, which will spiral into a resentment for Halloween for the rest of your life. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to end this way, and instead, you can wear multiple costumes this Halloween season. 

Now that I’ve relieved your sweat-filled costume phobia, let’s talk about the economic issue of having to buy multiple costumes for the three days of nonstop crawling like a dead person through the doors of froshes. Costumes are expensive, and since we are all college students, probably with a portion of some debt, we need to try to save money as much as possible. Again thankfully, I have a solution. 

Instead of buying brand new costumes, you can use clothing you already have in your closet to create your own spooky getups. 

There are multiple different ways you can achieve a home brewed costume, either by dressing like a celebrity or altering old clothes you don’t really wear as much into something straight out of a horror or Marvel movie. To help get you started, I have some simple costume ideas that you’ll be able to recreate without leaving your room. 

A classic Audrey Hepburn 

This costume is easy. Just grab any black, sleeveless dress you have and style it with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, black heels, black sunglasses and black gloves that reach your elbows. Tie your hair into a towering bun and maybe carry around a long black straw as a cigarette holder. Bonus points if you buy a vape and blow vape smoke through the straw all night like you’re really smoking an old-time cigarette. The crippling nicotine addiction you’ll get that’ll follow you through the rest of your life is kind of a negative, but at least you’ll look cool. 

Also, to make sure everyone knows you’re the real deal, quote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and pretend you have a French accent.

A sick person that died 

This costume is also super easy. Grab any pajama set that you don’t like anymore and rip slits in it. Pour red paint in splotches everywhere to resemble blood. If you can find old scrubs, this will look even better. You can also use white powder on your face so it looks like you’re pale. 

Add bandages to your arms and across your forehead. To finish the look off, get a surgical mask and rub brown crayon on the outside to look like dirt. You could even cut off one string and haphazardly tape it back together to make it look even messier. 

Basically, you want to look like you got really sick, died tragically, somehow climbed out of a broken window somewhere and fell down a muddy hill. 

A sexy spy

This costume is for those out there trying to look a little scandalous. Find some black latex or pleather pants in your closet and a black half-zip top. Crop the shirt so it ends above the navel and tie the shirt in the back so it’s tight across your body. You should also wear fingerless gloves and ankle boots. Finally, buy a fake gun holster and sword belt

You can also cut black wired earbuds to look like a headset. 

Throughout the night, make sure to glance around frantically and randomly slap drinks out of peoples’ hands telling them that their life is in danger and you’re there to protect them. This could help you find a possible date or a new bestie or the host of the party might call the cops on you, you never know. 

Poison Ivy or a human-shaped bush

This costume takes a little more effort than any of the other ideas. You’ll want a green bodysuit, green vines and leaves, knee-high boots in either green or black and elbow length green gloves. Cut off leaves from the vines and hot glue them to the bodysuit, gloves and boots. Use any leftover vines to drape across your body and hair. To mix up the look, you could glue on varying sized leaves. Finally, at the party you’ll be at, make sure to tell everyone that you have aloe and poison running through your veins. 

Megan Fox 

This costume is as iconic as they come. We’ll be focusing on Megan Fox’s Billboard Music Awards barely-there black cutout dress. This look will be pretty easy to achieve. All you’ll need is a black see-through skirt and a black unitard. The unitard will act as the top of the dress, so you’ll want to cut out pieces from it to match the scandalous nature of Fox’s dress. Then put the skirt on and you’re ready to go. For your shoes, go with a black low heel. For your hair, braid it the night before to give it the just-woke-up curls Fox usually wears. 

Now just read up on random horoscopes and prepare answers to any possible questions your fans may ask. Also, the night before, in your bathroom mirror, practice doing the I-don’t-care pout that famous people have been mastering for decades.

Machine Gun Kelly or Justin Bieber 

If you’re planning a couples costume, Machine Gun Kelly or Justin Bieber could totally be you or your date and the other person could be Megan Fox or Hailey Bieber. 

To achieve the perfect, careless rocker-boy look, wear an oversized, bedazzled suit jacket and sunglasses. Don’t wear a shirt underneath the blazer and wear black shorts for bottoms. For shoes go with black dress shoes and high white socks. If you’re trying to look more like MGK, get a shaggy blonde wig and stick-on tattoos that match the anarchist himself. For Justin Bieber, get a more combed blonde wig and stick-on tattoos similar to Bieber’s. 

Carry a cigarette around behind your ear if you’re MGK or a microphone if you’re Bieber. At random intervals sing “baby, baby, babyyyyyy” or “I don’t do fake love, but I’ll take some from you toniggghhhhttt.”

Honestly, you might also need to bring a notebook with you to get all the phone numbers everyone will be throwing at you. Of course, make sure you don’t call them in the morning because you’re a bad boy. 

At the end of the day, Halloween only happens once a year, so don’t worry about the costume too much. Instead, you should focus on ghosting any negative people, boogying on every dance floor and drinking only top-shelf boos.