A camera, computer and microphone are all part of the typical setup for filming any Cody Ko video. On Thursday, Feb. 25, Cody Ko will be using this same setup, but instead of reacting to cringe-worthy TikToks, he will be joining the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students in one of the most anticipated events of the semester, “An Evening with Cody Ko,” hosted by the University Program Council Nebraska. 

Cody Kolodziejzyk, famously known as Cody Ko, is a social media star with 5.35 million YouTube subscribers. He initially gained a following posting comedic videos to Vine, but now cracks jokes on YouTube and on the “Tiny Meat Gang” podcast. The gang is composed of Ko and collaborator Noel Miller, with whom Ko also writes music. 

The free Q&A Zoom event starts at 7:30 p.m. Students submitted their questions online for UPC Nebraska programmer Jess Conrad to ask Ko during the event. 

According to Conrad, the event was suggested by Kathleen Esser, junior advertising and public relations and communication studies double major and member of the council, during last semester’s event selection.

“All of us on the council are actually huge Cody Ko fans,” Conrad said. “Originally we had proposed it to be in person, but because of COVID restrictions — and we know how big of an event this will be on campus — we decided to do it all on a Zoom webinar for the comfortability of Cody.”

Due to social distancing restrictions, celebrities and performers have been doing more virtual events amid the pandemic, something Conrad believes helped get the ball rolling on this idea.

“It’s been in the works for a while. We’ve always wanted to do it,” Conrad said. “In the past, we’ve tried to get Tiny Meat Gang to perform for a potential homecoming concert, but unfortunately we didn’t have a homecoming concert. It seems like now more than ever with the pandemic and more performers wanting to do virtual events, it’s been more accessible.”

UPC Nebraska is expecting a very large turnout for this event, so Conrad said it’s important students join the Zoom early since the call can only hold 1,000 people. 

Sophomore communication studies major Megan Priadka, who has met Ko before at one of his shows, heard about the event through a friend and said she is very excited to attend. 

“I found out through some mutual friends that this event was happening,” Priadka said. “I was immediately super excited. I personally really like watching his YouTube videos to the point where a couple of years back I bought a ticket to one of his shows and met him. He was really nice in person, so I’m really excited to see him again.”

Conrad believes this event is an experience students would not want to miss out on due to the personal connection the event will provide students with.

“Instead of just watching a YouTube video of his you can tune in to the event that will be much more personalized,” Conrad said. “He’s actually going to be talking to students through their questions and acknowledging them. It’s just a cool, personal experience catered to UNL that a typical Cody Ko fan wouldn’t get.”