Charly Bliss at Zoo Bar for Lincoln Calling

Charly Bliss performs at the Zoo Bar for Lincoln Calling on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Charly Bliss has put their time in with eight running years as a unit, but their punching rock energy has never faltered.

The four-piece power-pop outfit hailing from Brooklyn, New York, is a diverse group of individuals with a punk attitude and an unmistakable sound. And the band recently went on the road to promote the release of their latest album, “Young Enough,” which was released last May. 

Charly Bliss’ performance as the co-headliners on Saturday night of Lincoln Calling 2019 at The Zoo Bar serves as their third show on the tour. The band was able to sit down with The Daily Nebraskan and chat about the history of Charly Bliss, the band’s creative process and hitting the road.

Daily Nebraskan: On this new album, it sounds like you have a lot more synths in the production, would you say so?

Eva Hendricks: Definitely, yeah, we were definitely writing on synths more and incorporated more synths onto this record.

DN: Which synths?

Sam Hendricks: Well, we have a Korg Minilog on stage, and we used it a lot. In fact, probably too much. At first it was like we were using the same sound for every song, which I think was like the first preset on the synth (laughs). We were all kind of newbies at the time.

EH: But I kind of love that about the way we approach synth stuff; it’s such an easy world. It’s like guitar world where you can so easily get caught up in, like, the coolest pedals, or [on the new album] we used a couple of GarageBand presets because they just sounded right. Like on [our song] “Chatroom,” the original sound from the demo that I made for that song ended up on the album. 

DN: So, you guys performed on KEXP last Wednesday; how was that?

EH: It’s always so nerve-racking doing those things. I feel like the whole time that every note I sing, I’m like, ‘I hope you got that right, Eva’ when you know some people are going to listen to it back over and over again. We recorded that in June, so it’s kinda nice that we’ve gotten some distance from it because we’re so nervous when we’re doing it. So, to get to watch it back with more of an outsider's perspective and feel proud of it is a really good feeling.

DN: Have you ever been asked which one’s Charly?

EH: Every day (laughs).

DN: Spencer, I heard you did some voiceover work when you were younger (Dash, “The Incredibles”). How was the transition from doing voice work to music? Did it come naturally?

Spencer Fox: I think it did come pretty naturally, I mean it kind of feels like it’s all coming from the same part of your brain. Like, you’re just performing and trying to put a piece of yourself in the performance and hope it shines through. So yeah, it felt really natural.

DN: So on the new album, how was it to work with Joe Chiccarelli (U2, My Morning Jacket)?

SH: Unbelievable; he’s a creative genius. He just took the songs that we thought were good and brought them to a different stratosphere and elevated everything. He just is a real pleasure to work with and a pleasure to be around, in general. I can’t say enough good things.

EH: Yeah, someone with a resume like his, you’d imagine they’d have a huge ego or be really intense in the studio or whatever, but he’s so respectful, and we learned so much from him. Hopefully, we’ll get to work with him again someday.

DN: When touring, where have you found is the most inviting?

EH: Australia, by far (laughs).