“The Sims 4” was released seven years ago, and with that comes the reality that Electronic Arts is not improving the quality of life in the game, which some players want. Because there is no information on whether or not EA is developing “The Sims 5,” I have come to the conclusion that the current direction “The Sims 4” is headed in is only going to ruin the franchise more.

As an avid player of “The Sims” franchise, while none of them are flawless, there is a major issue with “The Sims 4,” and that’s kits. Kits are small packs that contain items, and they can range from clothing to furniture. They don’t introduce any new mechanics to the game but add more items intended to increase the customizability in the game. 

EA already released expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs, so the release of another set, which doesn’t improve the quality of life in the game, is unsettling. The main reason why I played the game was to create in-depth stories with my sims and build upon their individual personalities, which I can barely do in “The Sims 4.” I have a bone to pick with these kits, and that’s because custom content exists and the status of “The Sims 5” is unknown. 

Custom Content 

“The Sims 4” was always lacking when it came to adding more elements to the game that the community needs instead of what they want. Yes, we want more items in the game, but we need more ways to play the game first. Custom content, which are items or mods that can be added in the game made by independent creators not affiliated with EA, has been around since “The Sims 2” and used as a filler to add more furniture or clothing to the game. These kits essentially act like custom content but with a price tag attached, which isn’t ideal for the minimum content they introduce.

Custom content creators have already outdone EA by introducing more ways to improve life in the game, including mods like “Meaningful Stories” that increases the storytelling aspect and “More Traits” that adds many more personality traits that a sim can have. 

In my opinion, by adding elements to the game that give players more ways to improve the quality of life, it might actually make buying kits worth it.

“The Sims 5”

With nobody having information about when “The Sims 5” will be released, or if it’s even in production, it’s harder to keep buying in-game content from EA. “The Sims” usually has a time period of about five years in between the release of a new game in the franchise. So with that in mind, it doesn’t even seem to be worth buying kits if we are waiting for the new game.

Buying kits that don't improve the game makes me feel like EA is trying to get more money out of players. Of course developers need money to produce a new game, but if the products you produce aren’t up to players expectations or fall short from previous games, then many people are going to be frustrated. Producing kits is most likely easier for “The Sims” team because they only have to code items into the game and not whole gaming mechanics. 

So with the steady decline in quality of their packs and the addition of kits, it is safe to assume that “The Sims” team has their focus elsewhere. It’s highly likely that they have started production on the new game, but with no news, players are sadly going to have to wait a little bit longer. 

I’ve always had a soft spot for “The Sims” franchise, but it’s sad to see a childhood game of mine fall from the pedestal it once sat upon. The mechanics of the sims in “The Sims 4” feels robotic because I have to keep playing and making the same scenarios in my head when creating a new sim. With the addition of kits, it’s hard to say that we will get another expansion pack to improve upon the quality of life in the game before any potential announcement of “The Sims 5” due to the rapid release of these kits.