As the school year comes to a close and summer begins to peak its head out, it’s natural for college students to reflect on the year and think about what they’ve learned, either academically or personally, since August. The Daily Nebraskan asked students around campus what their proudest accomplishments were this year.


Mar Lee, senior, English and global studies double major.

“What I’m most proud of this semester is being a part of the community more. I’ve kind of taken more of a step into the world of activism and advocating for people who are typically underrepresented by participating in things like the End Rape on Campus rally. And just kind of helping advocate for other groups that are transgender students and students that are a part of marginalized groups, suffer from mental illness and just advocating for myself and others that are a part of that.”

Mar Lee, senior English and global studies double major


Mariah Mayfield, freshman, undeclared major.

“I think getting through the semester [was my biggest accomplishment] because I was really worried about coming here, but after being here and really finding my place, I really loved it and just survived it.”

Mariah Mayfield, undeclared freshman


Allen Brand, senior, biological sciences major.

“I think my biggest accomplishment was getting a job at a lab and also maintaining a good GPA throughout the year.”

Allen Brand, senior biological sciences major


Lauren McNeal, junior, political science, Spanish and psychology triple major.

“I feel like my biggest accomplishments were that I recently found out that I was going to be the chair of the government liaison committee for ASUN next year and getting good grades in my classes.”

Lauren McNeal, junior psychology, political science and Spanish triple major


Brooks Bailey, freshman, psychology major.

“I’ve met a lot of people, and the professors were all really nice. That made it really fun. I think the biggest thing that I’m taking away from this semester is being a lot braver than I was in the beginning because it’s just a really welcoming environment.”

Brooks Bailey, freshman psychology major


Malarie Jindra, senior, elementary education major.

“I think it was getting a job as a teacher at Wysong Elementary and watching myself grow as a teacher has probably been my favorite parts of this semester.”

Malarie Jindra, senior elementary education major