happy birthday

This year, there may not be anyone hiding behind furniture to surprise you, nor a dinner outing to celebrate another trip around the sun. Though it can be challenging to make your birthday special — as many establishments have closed due to COVID-19 — there are still ways to have a meaningful celebration. Whether you’re social distancing by yourself or with family and friends, here are five contact-free celebration ideas for your special day.

Create an activity itinerary

It’s your day, and you can spend it how you want. Take 30 minutes to soak up the sun and go for a walk. Cozy up on the couch with some pillows and watch a movie. Rustle up some colored pencils and paper and make some crafts. Whatever it is, find activities that are relaxing and make you happy.

Whip up your favorite breakfast

It can be difficult waking up in the morning, but knowing you’ll have all your favorite fixings bright and early makes it easier. Transform your dining room into a diner by making your favorite breakfast. Whether it’s pancakes or waffles, scrambled eggs or sunny-side up eggs or sausage links or bacon, you call the shots in starting the morning off right. This epic meal will need to be planned in advance, so make sure you create your shopping list and get all the ingredients during your usual grocery store run to minimize unnecessary trips.

Cook a delicious dinner

It’s only fitting to end your special day with your favorite dinner. It doesn’t need to be a five-course meal, but it should be something you love. Spice it up with fancy glasses, a folded napkin underneath your silverware and classical music playing in the background. You’d be surprised by how much little modifications can spruce up any meal.

Bake a cake

Dig around in the back of your pantry and you might just find some old boxes of cake mix laying around. Cakes are a staple for celebrations of all kinds, but it doesn’t need to be store-bought to be fancy. Take this opportunity to try your hand at baking. Add fruit and whipped cream for a simple and elegant design. 

Host an online party

Schedule a time with family and friends to host a virtual party. Beforehand, make sure everyone has a readily available drink of their choice to share a virtual “Cheers!” It’s not going to be the same as being in person, but connecting with loved ones will make the day a little brighter. For extra entertainment, throw on some tunes and boogie from afar.