Mask mandates, social distancing, canceled events and small gatherings are a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. 

With COVID-19 greatly affecting the lives of students, including Halloween on Saturday, The Daily Nebraskan asked students what their views are regarding Halloween celebrations amid COVID-19.


Jacob Miller, junior sports media and communication major

Jacob Miller, junior sports media and communication major

“I think we should have [Halloween] but to keep it socially distanced. When someone comes knocking on your door, leave a bowl at the front door and let them take a piece of candy or whatever. Do something like that and have all the things like hand sanitizer and stuff like that.”


Caleb Druckemiller, sophomore actuarial science major.

Caleb Druckemiller, sophomore actuarial science major

“Make sure people are wearing masks. I know my parents are putting candies in individual goodie bags so people aren't reaching in the same bowl, but it's a great experience for kids so I don't see why it shouldn't happen.”


Hailey Gokie, freshman pre-nursing major

Hailey Gokie, freshman pre-health student 

“I think that it's gonna be tough. I'm a freshman, so especially coming in Halloween would be a time where I could just hang out with my friends and go out and have fun, but that's not something I really get to experience this year … I don't get to do a lot of things that I was looking forward to.”


Lili Dannenbring, freshman finance major.

Lili Dannenbring, freshman finance major

“I definitely think it'll look different just with people not going out, and it would be different on our campus with the atmosphere. But being in, like, a neighborhood, I think the atmosphere would definitely be different without children. I don't know how people are going to really handle trick-or-treating with keeping candy [out] because if you keep candy outside people will take all of it. I don't know how that'll go.”


Lexi Haslett, freshman undecided.

Lexi Haslett, freshman undecided student

“I think if you're safe and everything and you know what you're going to be around, I'm okay with it. I'm not a big Halloween person. COVID's a different story. I don't like COVID.”


Geonasha Agbeletey, freshman pre-med major.

Geonasha Agbeletey, freshman pre-health student 

“For me personally, I think people just need to be cautious. Make sure like you're getting tested and wearing face coverings, especially if you're going to be out and around other people and they don't know where other people have been.”