As part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader sent in a video circulating on Twitter which showed large gatherings in celebration of the Husker football team’s game against Penn State University over the weekend and asked “What fraternities were involved and how will IFC/UNL respond?”

The video in question is a now-deleted TikTok where individuals assumed to be UNL students were asked “who are we playing today?” while at large outdoor gatherings and were primarily maskless. The university’s official Twitter account responded to a tweet, now made private, that included the video, asking the user to report the incident.

According to Leslie Reed, University of Nebraska Lincoln’s public affairs director, Student Affairs is aware of this and similar videos, and the office is conducting an investigation into the gatherings and the identities of students involved. 

“The actions in that video are reckless, irresponsible and a danger to public health,” Reed said in an email. “If any UNL students are identified, they will face disciplinary measures through the Student Code of Conduct.”

Reed said any students in attendance at these gatherings are asked to not attend class in person this week. Additionally, she reminded all UNL students to be tested before they return home when the fall semester ends next week. 

“To be sure, most UNL students have been very careful to protect themselves and others throughout the semester, and these incidents are very disappointing,” Reed said.