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The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska will meet for the first time in the Spring 2021 semester on Wednesday to vote on multiple pieces of legislation. 

The first bill, Government Bill 19, is the set of electoral commision rules that ASUN must approve once every semester. The rules that will be voted on were created in the development of a plan to conduct an election during a pandemic. 

The next bill is Government Bill 20. If this bill is passed, ASUN will support the passage of Legislative Bill 88 in the Nebraska State Legislature, which provides student journalists the protection of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. 

“Student journalism is paramount to university life and impacts students, staff and faculty at all college campuses, especially UNL,” Cameron Collier, committee chair for ASUN’s Government Liaison Committee, said in a text. “By showing our support for LB 88 in the Nebraska State Legislature, we are showing that ASUN and the students of UNL wish to protect student journalists and their first amendment rights and to make sure they or their advisers are not fired without proper cause.”

Government Bill 21 will also be discussed and voted on. If this bill passes, ASUN will support the passage of Legislative Bill 89 in the Nebraska State Legislature. This bill would lower the age of majority in the state to 18 in regards to healthcare decisions.

The next bill is Government Bill 22. This bill asks that ASUN supports the passage of Legislative Bill 69 in the Nebraska State Legislature. If this bill is passed in the state legislature, Nebraska will adopt the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Act. This act would allow businesses to pay back their employees student loans and receive tax credits in return, according to the bill. 

In addition to the government bills, ASUN will discuss three senate bills and one senate resolution. 

Senate Bill 20 and Senate Bill 21 are both bylaw revisions that affect ASUN’s carbon footprint caused by traveling.

“This bylaw and special rules amendment will make it a requirement for all official ASUN and Green Fund funded travel to purchase carbon offsets as part of their budget allocation,” Drew Harrahill, internal vice president, said in a text. 

The last bill being discussed is Senate Bill 22. This bill revises the bylaws and, if passed, states that all events where ASUN is the sole or primary sponsor must strive to be zero-waste.

The last item of legislation is Senate Resolution 4. If enacted, ASUN will encourage students to use Ozzi boxes when dining on campus. Ozzi boxes are a reusable alternative to disposable containers. 

The senate meeting will take place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.