ASUN Zoom Meeting

The ASUN meeting over Zoom on Thursday, August 26, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska appointed multiple positions and passed one piece of legislation at its first meeting of the semester over Zoom on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Carter Bracht and Abigail Schneff were reappointed as recording secretaries, and Jacob Liles, Yousra Abdulrazig and Andrew Hazel were appointed to the senate. 

Sen. Patrick Baker was nominated and elected to the Environmental Leadership Program appointments board.

The senate voted to pass Senate Bill 1 with no discussion or debate, officially recognizing the changes the Graduate Student Assembly made to its bylaws last year.

GSA president Eric Rodene said the changes include clarification of roles and responsibilities within GSA.

Sen. Alec Miller, chair of the Communications Committee, said the ASUN Instagram account surpassed 1,000 followers earlier that day.

“We’re the student government, we need to have our students be aware of us and what we’re doing,” Miller said.

President Roni Miller said in a text that she is grateful for the senators working this semester, and she is excited for the future.

“I am hopeful that we can accomplish real change and make a worthwhile impact this year, through the small personal projects and the big advocacy steps,” she said. “I am looking forward to senators’ future work and bills accomplishing that change.”

The next ASUN meeting will take place Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 6:30 p.m., over Zoom.