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The Envision party sweeped the available senate seats in the 2020 election for the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska, despite the presence of a competing student election group for the first time in four years.

All 33 of Envision’s candidates were voted into various positions within ASUN, including the entire executive team, 24 senate seats and positions on the various committees. Progress, the opposing student election group, had one member elected into a senate seat and one into the Committee for Fee Allocations. Additionally, the student body elected one independent candidate for the Explore Center.

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The senate for the 2020-21 term is composed of both experienced ASUN veterans and newcomers. Fourteen senate seats still remain open, which ASUN will attempt to fill next fall.

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Despite the increased competition of an additional party, voter turnout decreased by 2% since the 2019 election.