The Rewind

The Rewind, a hard rock band, performs at the 1867 Bar on Feb. 9, 2018, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lincoln rock band The Rewind surprised fans on Friday by releasing its first music video, for “Mystery Girl,” which comes from the band’s autumn 2017 debut album “Casting Shadows.” Currently touring across Nebraska and continuing to license its music for indie films and television shows, The Rewind has had a whirlwind first half of 2018.

According to frontman Josh Decker, “Mystery Girl” was written after an incident at a local Old Chicago. With all four members sitting at a table, drummer Brett Lowe raised the question of how many lemons they could convince their waitress to bring them before she said something. After that, Decker, guitarist Alex Carroll, bassist Patrick Austin and Lowe went back to the studio and wrote the song.

“It was a ridiculous, purposeless affair, but we thought it was hilarious and committed to writing a song about the incident as a joke,” Decker said.

After writing the song, the band realized the melody was something they did not want to let go of, and renamed “Lemon Girl” to what is now known as “Mystery Girl.”

With eight months since “Casting Shadows” dropped, Decker said he is hoping this video can expand their audience. “Mystery Girl,” is the first installment of what Decker hopes will be a series of music videos in the next few months.

The song itself is about a guy flirting with a girl at a bar, which the music video depicts. More specifically, it is about four guys using different techniques, such as playing music or trying to act cool, to get the girl’s attention, and finding out that the best strategy is to be yourself, instead of becoming the person you think they want you to be.

“It's done in a comedic fashion that I think ends on a positive note,” Decker said.

Watch “Mystery Girl” below: