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Demi Lovato has come a long way since her days on Disney Channel.

Once unable to deal with her issues with drugs, mental disorders and eating disorders, she now  has proven that recovery is possible.

Through her YouTube original documentary “Simply Complicated,” Lovato tells the story of the last decade of her life, including her abrupt rise to fame.

With her big break on the Disney Channel film “Camp Rock,” Lovato talked about the pressure to be who everyone wanted.

At 15 years old, she was expected to be a role model for those who watched her. Eventually getting her own TV show, “Sonny With A Chance,” along with her high-profile music career, it became almost impossible to balance the two. Unknown to most, the actress and musician was dealing with addiction, an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and an eating disorder.

One thing that resonated with me in this documentary was her pure honesty. Lovato never held back the truth, whether it was talking about performances while high on cocaine or her ex-boyfriend — everything she said felt genuine.

This documentary is all about setting the facts straight and letting people see the real Lovato, not the one portrayed in the media.

Toward the end we see a conversation about her eating disorder, which, according to Lovato, is an ongoing struggle. At one point in the documentary Dianna de la Garza, Lovato’s mother, blamed herself for putting beauty standards into her children’s head. As a former Cowboys cheerleader, de la Garza believed that being thin was crucial to success.

Lovato said she still relapses with binging and purging, because she is not perfect. There are issues she is still dealing with, making Lovato feel more like a real person than the celebrity she is portrayed as through social media. She has overcome a lot, including addiction and bipolar disorder, but she still has things to work on. Watching her continue to fight through her setbacks was one of the most moving parts of “Simply Complicated.”

One big part of Lovato’s life was her struggle with drugs and alcohol. As a child, she had problems fitting in and feeling accepted by her classmates. Though it is hard to imagine now with her fame, the musician was willing to do anything for friends. After being introduced to cocaine by friends, Lovato became addicted, unable to stop for years.

Between her multiple stays in rehab and those close to her telling her she needs to stop, it was clear Lovato did not want to, or at least didn’t know how. It was only after her entire staff threatened to quit when Lovato decided to get her life together. Now going on five years of sobriety, Lovato sees that she was using drugs to numb herself instead of dealing with her issues.

 Although Lovato is far from the person she desires to be, with her music and family, she is no longer dependent on drugs to get through the day. Even with such dark topics being discussed, Lovato still found a way to tell her story with a lighthearted tone.