Low horse

Low Horse is pumped.

The band, which has been around for about a year, will be playing their first Lincoln Calling set on Thursday at The Zoo Bar.

“We are excited to be playing Lincoln Calling,” said Craig Reier, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist in the band. “It’s just cool to see a bunch of people out to see music and just wandering around.”

Drummer Ian Francis; bassist Frank Holm; lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, Craig Reier; guitarist and keyboardist Anthony Slattery; and guitarist and backup vocalist, Nick Tarlowski have all played in multiple bands prior to Low Horse. But most say they’ve finally settled down into one band.

“We’ve all played in bands with each other forever,” Reier said. “Me and Frank and Ian were playing with each other at first, and we wanted to play some smooth music. Then something went terribly wrong. Now we have Low Horse.”

Due to their busy schedules and lengthy songwriting process, the band has only a small number of songs and does not intend on releasing a full-length album anytime soon.

“We’ve been slowly writing songs for about a year now,” Reier said. “We almost have 10 songs, or not even. We have about eight. We’ve discussed the idea of doing two songs on a 7-inch or something, but at the speed we’re going, it might take us until we’re way too old to put out a full record. I mean it took us a year to put our EP out, so I don’t think a full-length will ever happen.”

Low Horse also said while they do have plans to tour, it will likely be for only short periods of time.

“Maybe we’ll play SXSW or something, then come home before our livers fail,” Tarlowski said.

The band said they’ve jokingly referred to their sound as “sorrow pop,” but said it has been described as Americana or shoegaze pop.

“It’s weird because this is the quietest, slowest band I’ve ever been in, and it’s still way louder than a lot of bands,” Tarlowski said. “I have a hard time pigeonholing (this band). Craig does a lot of the lead singing, and a lot of the bands that we were in together and separately, the vocals are a lot different. The singing is a lot softer, but the music is definitely loud.”

Other members of Low Horse also said this band’s sound is a departure from the music they are used to.

“We all listen to different types of music,” Francis said. “I don’t think any of us agree too heavily on any particular groups that we listen to,”

“But Craig writes a lot of the stuff,” he added. “We’ll write stuff together as a group or in practice, but when we go away for a week for work or whatever, he’ll put a bunch of the work in and kind of structure it more.”

Among the other acts to play Lincoln Calling, Tarlowski said he was especially excited to see Desert Noises.

“Desert Noises — they are awesome,” he said. “They can play to a bar of people that don’t give a shit about music and keep them entertained. They’re great musicians,”

Low Horse said they hope that the audience will think only one thing after their highly anticipated Lincoln Calling debut: “Well, they pulled that one off.”