It’s the one show for which you won’t need to take a shower before seeing.

Dirty Talker will be performing Wednesday at 12:30 a.m. at the Zoo Bar during 2012’s Lincoln Calling. The band has been performing in the Lincoln music scene since the members’ high school years in the 1990s. The rock trio offers a stripped-down approach to music, while still shooting for creative versatility. Some bands feel the need for vast pedal-boards to enhance their sound. This is one group that likes to keep it simple and warmly distorted: namely, dirty.

The band is comprised of Adam Anderson, aka Adam 2000, Brendan McGinn and Justin Kohmetscher. The Dirty Talker fellas were kind enough to sit down with a reporter from the Daily Nebraskan and share their thoughts on Lincoln Calling and their new album, “Letters.”

Daily Nebraskan: “Letters” came out in July, right?

Justin Kohmetscher: We released it in Omaha at O’Leavers Pub, where no one bought any and no one knew who we were; it was a great show.

Adam Anderson: Yeah, we did release it there, but we haven’t really had an official release show where we played last.

JK: It was awesome, Adam’s dad had to save us for that show because Brendan’s truck, one of the tires blew a belt and we hobbled 15 miles to a gas station. Then Adam’s dad came out with power tools to try to get the spare tire on, couldn’t do it and then rented us a truck.

This is our first record, we’ve been together going on three years now but we’ve played together as a band for...

DN: I read on Hear Nebraska that it’s been close to 15 years. Is that about right?

JK: Yeah, a little more than that, I think.

Brendan McGinn: I started playing with these guys in January of 1996.

AA: It’s been 16.

DN: How many projects do you guys have going on? There’s this, Her Flyaway Manner.

JK: And then I’m in, Sputnik Kaputnik and the Cherry Mashers. Brendan has a solo thing, although he hasn’t played much.

BM: In a couple years.

JK: He has a kid now, so there’s that.

DN: That does limit availability.

BM: I think about that project every now and then, mostly I have to buy things to make that happen.

DN: What kind of things?

BM: It’s like a splitter pedal thing. Something that I’m not sure has ever been made, so it might have to be me making it. Normally they have two outputs and one input, and I need to have that but with two inputs. So like a guitar to go to one or both, and then a keyboard to go to one or both.

DN: With the different projects how do you decide, like when you are working on a song, which project that song goes to?

AA: If I write something on the guitar it would be for Dirty Talker, if I write something on bass then it would be for Her Flyaway Manner.

DN: Thinking about Lincoln Calling are you more excited to perform or see the other bands?

JK: Both, I love Lincoln Calling because you’ll go see shows and bands. It makes you want to go play music. That feels great and it’s also great to be in a town like Lincoln when something like this is going on where you know 70 percent of the people wandering around. Some of them just got done playing a show and are going to see somebody else. It feels like a First Friday for bands.

DN: What would you suggest to the audience of Lincoln Calling?

JK: Buy the big bracelet. Do the thing were you are free to run around to each bar and catch even just a song of a band. I’d really take advantage of the chance to see a ton of different bands all in a night or two. But, see the whole Dirty Talker show. End your night there.

BM: See Dirty Talker and then go home, with somebody.

DN: If you could sponsor a drink of choice for Lincoln Calling what would it be and why?

AA: Given that it’s Wednesday and we are playing late, I’m going to go with Red Bull or coffee.

BM: I would (say), um, Empyrean products. They’re a sponsor of the thing, and you can go ask for Watchman IPA. That’s what I’m going to do, and I’m going to make a scene if they don’t have it.

JK: We’re not going have one answer, water would be our one answer.

BM: Pints of jagerbomb.

DN: Pints of jagerbomb make for a fun evening. What other fun things do you have going on? What’s the next goal?

JK: The next record. We’ve got the material done, written and ready to go.

DN: Any plans to get that scheduled for recording?

JK: Probably winter or spring of 2013, and then maybe release it in the fall for when students come back. Also, we’d kind of like to do a music video.

DN: Anything else you’d like to add?

JK: Keep going to shows, I don’t see enough students that I don’t know when I go to shows. There’s not this direct connection with (the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and its support of the music scene. We want to see more students at the damn shows.




Dirty Talker @ Lincoln Calling

When: Wednesday, 12:30 a.m.

Where: Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th St.

How much $5 (21+)