Batman v. Superman

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016, film)

Why I Watched: I love DC Comics. Batman is my favorite superhero, so it’s no surprise I’d be excited for his latest big-screen appearance. Unlike a very vocal crowd of people who have shown their displeasure with the film, I had a great time. It felt more like a comic book coming to life than a film, and I liked it a lot for that. I’m not sure if I love it yet, but the great time I had watching it can’t be denied.

Best Part: The throwdown between Bats and Supes. There was cheering in the theater, and it was exhilarating to watch, regardless of the motivations behind it.

Worst Part: I don’t know how Lois Lane, a normal journalist, finds her way into the most chaotic situations on the entire planet, but she does.

What I Learned: How to lighten up and accept that a movie featuring two angry men beating the snot out of each other doesn’t need to be an Oscar-quality film, just an entertaining one.

Review by Wade Ronspies

“Mass Effect 2” (2010, video game)

Why I Played: I finished “Mass Effect” right before spring break and jumped right into the second game of the trilogy when I had the chance.

Best Part: The second game took the best parts of the first and amplified them: deeper characters, deeper relationships and a deeper look into the “Mass Effect” world. The game also cleaned up a lot of frustrating mechanics from the first game and gave the world a sleeker look.

Worst Part: Like any good RPG, tough choices that impact the fate of some really likable characters must be made. So really, the worst part was actually a good facet of the game, but a painful one.

What I Learned: Paragon or renegade, sacrifices must be made for the good of humanity.

Review by Gabriella Martinez-Garro

“Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” (2015, video game)

Why I Played: The “Uncharted” trilogy is my favorite in gaming, so when I saw this on sale on PSN, I had to jump on it. Remastered versions of already amazing games on PS4? And for a discount? Count me in.

Best Part: All three games hold up extremely well. The remastered version reminded me why I love “Uncharted 2” so much, and I finally realized how great the first game is, despite it being nearly a decade old at this point. The plane scene in “Uncharted 3” still blows my mind.

Worst Part: I never experienced any bugs or glitches in the original PS3 games, but I did run into a few in the PS4 ports.

What I Learned: That I know nearly every line of dialogue in “Uncharted 2.” “Don’t you love how the water makes your jeans all squiggy?”

Review by Wade Ronspies

New Order, The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (2016, concert)

Why I Watched: A couple buddies and I went to Las Vegas for spring break. I had the unique opportunity to see classic new wave band New Order perform at the The Cosmopolitan, the hotel where we were staying. While the people I went to Vegas with didn’t want to stray away from drinking and the clubs to go see New Order, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it, as the band doesn’t tour much in the United States.

Best Part: New Order played a career spanning set at The Chelsea, a venue inside The Cosmopolitan. The band played tracks off its latest album “Music Complete” and some older tracks, including “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.” New Order went back to its Joy Division times with a rendition of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” during the encore. The unique part of the show was when Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, came on stage to join the band in singing a few songs, including “Crystal” and “Love Vigilantes”

Worst Part: Literally nothing. It was a blast.

What I Learned: If you want to try something your friends don’t want to do while traveling, don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Review by Keith Finn