Thanks to the American Institute of Architecture Students, Halloween and urinals now have something in common.On Thursday, the college held its annual Hinsdale celebration. The celebration is in honor of the two Hinsdale urinals and is also a Halloween costume party."The Hinsdales are the biggest urinals west of the Mississippi," junior architecture major Brent Wollenburg said.The urinals are named after Winfield E. Hinsdale, the man who patented them.Not only are they the biggest, a search for other Hinsdale urinals found only one other operating set on the East Coast.In 1985, the urinals were almost destroyed during the construction of the second part of the architecture building.After student protests over trashing the urinals, they were moved to the first-floor men's restroom in the link between the Architecture Hall and the Architecture Hall West.No one was really sure as to how the Halloween celebration of the urinals originated. Sophomore architecture major Dena Wangberg said she thinks it may be related to the date of the traditional Hinsdale celebration.Within the architectural community on campus, the Hinsdales have been celebrated inconsistently on the date of the urinals' patent, Nov. 1, 1901.Wangberg thinks that because this date is so close to Halloween, the two celebrations overlapped and became one.This year's celebration included a costume contest and the crowning of Hinsdale royalty.The winner of the costume contest for both best costume and most original costume went to senior architecture major Josh Baker.For Baker's Halloween costume, he shaved part of his head to resemble one of his professors.This brave act was rewarded with his being crowned king of the celebration. His queen was fellow senior architecture major Scott Sawyers, who came dressed as Ginger from "Gilligan's Island."The cost for admittance to the party was one roll of toilet paper and one can of food. The toilet paper, an item loosely related to the urinals, was used to decorate the link and will remain there during the weekend.At the celebration, costume-clad students also bobbed for apples.For many, the event was just a way to get out and have a good time. Billy Brice, a sophomore architecture major, said: "We're all kinda crazy. We don't get out often."Everyone seemed to be having a good time.For B.J. Woehler, another senior architecture major, it was a chance to do something different."I've celebrated with the Hinsdales, but never at a party," Woehler said with a grin.